April 25, 2019


Sita is an experienced Hatha Yoga teacher, dancer, intuitive energy healer, certified holistic health coach, and sensual embodiment empoweress. Devoted to her spiritual quest and healing journey for the past five years, she has spent time studying yoga, tantra, and meditation in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Most recently she has worked as a yoga therapist and health coach at a detox facility in Southern California guiding clients through deep transformations on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. She has studied with teachers from around the world as a registered Hatha yoga teacher. She has received certifications in Hatha yoga, Yoga to Transform Trauma, Kids Yoga, Esoteric Kriya Astrology Yoga and EmpowerMovement Vinyasa Yoga.

Devoted to discovery and self-healing Sita became strictly committed to a regimented yoga and fitness routine, diet, and meditation practice. Her classes offer a safe, inclusive and nurturing space as we dive deeper into the Self connecting movement with breath. Her classes are designed to activate a deeper connection to the Awareness within, beyond the limitations of the mind and body, providing a full mind-body-spirit transformation. She encourages students to explore their edges both on and off the mat, and facilitates transformation in both arenas.