December 15, 2015


Coed Naked Yoga Classes in Los Angeles

Coed Naked Yoga | Vinyasa Flow - Level 1
Live Online Classes 

From the Comforts of your Home
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Yep, Coed Nude Yoga Classes
Vinyasa Flow - Level 1
Our Vinyasa Flow Level 1 is a beginning to Intermediate class and is open to All levels of Yoga. This Level 1 Vinyasa Flow class moves you through various asanas, allowing options for those just starting as well as those experienced Yogis. Each class will have a warm-up, dynamic and finishing sequence, and will include a wide range of asanas.More Questions?
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Private 1-on-1 Naked Yoga Training

Our Private 1-on-1 Naked Yoga is a great way to fit your practice in. We send an instructor to work with you in the comforts of your home. If you are new to Yoga and just starting out or if you don't have time to get to a studio, or even if you practice daily and want to advance your practice. You can choose a male or female instructor.

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