We offer a variety of Yoga classes, workshops, videos, and private training.
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Naked Group Yoga Classes

Join us for Coed Naked Group Yoga Classes in Los Angeles

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Private 1-on-1 Naked Yoga

We offer Private 1-on-1 Nude Yoga right in the comforts of your own home.

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Online Naked Yoga Videos

Join us whenever your schedule permits with Online Naked Yoga classes streamed right into your home.

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Naked Yoga Workshops

Stay Tuned for our upcoming Nude Yoga Workshops in Los Angeles

We offer Coed Naked Group Yoga classes and Private 1-on-1 Nude Yoga Training in Los Angeles.
Naked Yoga Workshops, retreats, and seminars coming soon.
Coed Nude Yoga classes in Los Angeles or Online from anywhere in the world.


Our team of working Yogi's & Professionals


Yoga Chief & Creative Director
Yoga Chief & Creative Director Responsible for the Design & Development of the site and oversees the team.


Certified Yoga Instructor
Lily is one of our Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructors for Group Classes and Private Training. -Follow your Bliss and doors will open where once there were only walls…


Certified Yoga Instructor
Koushik is a YogaFit Certified Yoga Instructor trained in India. He has 20 years of experience & has Won Yoga tournaments. He teaches Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) and Dhyana (meditation).


Yoga Director
Gary helps keep the site and instructors together. Scheduling classes, workshops and helping to update the site and market.